What are the most active astrological placements?

The Facts

A popular myth about astrology that many people tend to believe is that it can predict the future. Since that is not the case, this website is here to explain what it is truly meant for. Astrology should be used as a tool when making decisions about life and is meant to help stay connected with the universe. Your chart is essentially the blueprint for your life. I am briefly going to describe what many people call your “Big 3” placements of a natal chart.

symbols for active astrological placements: sun, moon, rising

BIG 3 in Astrology

SUN: The sun represents the Self. It energizes the entire natal chart and the planets that are in close relationship (by planetary aspect) will be emphasized in one’s personality. To explain, the sun represents one’s way of being in the world, our drive, ego, and pride. The sun spends a month in each sign totaling 12 over the course of a year. Its energy is masculine and it rules Leo.

MOON: The moon represents the personal self, meaning one’s feelings and the unconscious. Most important, it represents the ability to relate to others, essentially being the feminine part of oneself. In a male chart, the moon represents the feminine within and indicates the type of partner they will attract. The moon spends 2 1/2 days in each sign, going trough all 12 in 28 days. Its energy is feminine and it rules Cancer.

RISING: The rising sign indicates the sign that was “rising” on the eastern horizon at the time of one’s birth. Due to this, it is very can be easily mistaken, so without the exact time it is hard to tell what it is. The rising sign dictates how one is perceived in the world. Furthermore, this sign shapes our perspective and dictates our outer appearance, both physically and socially. Its energy depends on its sign and depending on what sign it is in, that dictates the planet it rules.

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